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Artist Statement

My name is Emma and I am a ceramicist drawing inspiration from the idea of the hand of the artist and self expression shown in clay. I aim to always make my pieces feel personally connected to me, by using my hands and fingers to smooth and form the pot utilizing minimal tools. I believe my work is a reflection of my own personal style and the space that I live and breathe. I find beauty in imperfections in the hand built coil pots. I like to work quickly, often changing my design and flowing with the process. I enjoy playing with texture and form, alway coming up with new designs, never knowing what form I will create from start to finish. Through my work  I want the form to speak for itself and really shine without any elaborate glazing to distract from it. The conscious decision to leave the raw clay exposed is so that my fingerprints as the artist could shine through. My goal is to make a body of work that evokes curiosity and interest from the viewer. I want them to see the personality in the pieces and how they stand apart from each other both inside the vessel and out.

Large Coil Pot Collection

Coil pots 


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