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Kiln Share Program

do you love making pottery but need somewhere to fire it? I have a program where you can pay per piece to rent a space in the kiln! 


What is the kiln share program?

This program allows you to do all your work from your home or studio and then i would do handle all of the firing for you. i would take care of the loading, firing and unloading of the kiln by myself. all you need to do is drop off the pieces you want fired and pick them up when they're done

Contact Me 

If you're interested in the kiln share program, please fill out this form and i'll get back to you.



Pricing is based on cubic inch. 

Bisque firing is 0.06 per cubic inch

Glaze firing is 0.09 per cubic inch

if you want to figure out how much it will cost to fire your piece use this firing calculator

Terms and conditions:

-i am not responsible for any cracks, breaks or explosions that may happen during the firing.

-keep in mind glaze color may vary and isn't always predictable from each firing. 

-pieces must be picked up within 2 weeks after firing is complete. 

-if you haven't tested glazes before, make sure to leave 1/2-1/4 inch at the bottom to account for glaze drips and running.  



Q: How do I use the firing calculator?

a: enter the height, width and depth of your piece in inches, 0.06 for fee per space and leave fixed cost blank. 


q: are glazes provided?

a: No, you will have to purchase your own glazes. I recommend Mayco, amaco and spectrum brand.

q: can i glaze at your studio or do i have to glaze at home? 

a: if you want to book a one on one session to learn how to glaze i would be happy to teach you! that would be an additional charge. 

q: what kind of kiln do you have?

a: we fire in a skutt kmt 1027

q: what cone do you fire to? 

a: I bisque fire to cone 04 and glaze to cone 5. 

q: where is your studio located?

a: my studio is in arroyo grande on the central coast. the exact address will be given after booking. 

q: Can I ship my pieces to be fired?

a: No, it is drop off and pick up only.

Q: How do I pay? 

A: once you drop off your pieces, i can give you your final total in person. i take apple pay, venmo, cash and sqaure. 

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